Gospel of John

As you read each chapter of the gospel, write down the answers to these questions. They are designed to help you think practically about the Bible and make it come alive for you.

Day 1-Chapter 1 

Verses 1-4 Who was with God in the beginning?
Verse 5 Make a list of the parts of your life that are in the light- the good part.
Make another list of things going on in your life that are not good, the dark side.
Verse 17What is your definition of grace? What is your definition of truth?Verse 41 Why was Andrew so excited to tell his brothers, Simon?  Jesus’ life was one of sharing
His faith and helping others by teaching them to listen to God. Write down the names of
Some of your friends and family who you think you could help by sharing what you are
Prayer Time: Write down one need in your life that you want to talk to God about. Every day you can add to that list and wait by faith to see how God is going to work in your life. Be open and honest.

Day 2-Chapter 2 

Verses 15-16 Why was Jesus so upset? What do you think church would be like if Jesus was here today to organize it? What has your past church experience been like?
Verse 23Have there been really difficult times in your life when you knew God was there and knowing that helped you make it through? Have there been times when you did not think God was there?
Prayer Time: Add one more need to your prayer list today and remember to pray about the item you listed last time. Make sure your list has at least two people you are praying for.

Day 3-Chapter 3 

Verse 3 How does Jesus say we are “born again”? Are you a Christian? What was your conversion experience like?
Verse 16Do you think about Heaven much? How would you describe heaven?
Verse 19-21According to this passage, what is it that keeps people form drawing close to God.
Is there anything in your heart that you are afraid to be honest about?
Prayer Time: As you add to your prayer list, begin to think about your own heart. While you are studying the Bible is a great time to clean out the attitudes and hurts that can make us feel unhappy. Writing them down helps.

Day 4- Chapter 4 

Verses 7-26 The Samaritan women was more concerned about “religion” than about her own heart.
Jesus kept trying to get her to think about her own life. When you think about your
spiritual life, are you more concerned about being right with God or being open?
Verses 23 What does it mean to worship the Father in spirit and truth?
Verses 44 What does it mean that a “prophet has no honor in his own country”? As you begin
putting spiritual guidelines into practice in your life, your family and old friends aregoing to react. Have you experienced the “prophet without honor” syndrome in your life yet?
Prayer Time: It is important to always have a learner’s heart as we try to build a relationship with God. Add to your prayer list what you need to change to have more of a learner’s heart.

Day 5-Chapter 5 

Verse 6It seems obvious that this man had been waiting many years to get well.
Why did Jesus ask him that question?
Verse 7How do you feel about the man’s response to Jesus’ question? Do you find yourself?
Making a lot of excuses for why your life has turned out the way it has? Would you
Describe yourself as a victim?
Verses 39-40what is more important: reading the Bible or doing what it says?
Prayer Time: As you add to your prayer list, think about some situations where you made excuses when you should have just admitted your fault. Let God know how you feel about it now.

Day 6-Chapter 6 

Verses 7-9What Jesus asked was beyond reason. Philip was concerned with the logic and had no faith. Andrew had faith but no answers. Which one are you more like?
Verses 44This passage says that you are reading the Bible right now because God has chosen you.
How do you feel about that?
Verse 66What caused these disciples of Jesus to stop following him? What would cause you to
stop following Jesus?
Prayer Time: If there have been times that you have turned from God or had attitudes toward God, this prayer time would be a good point for you to talk to God about that.

Day 7-Chapter 7 

In this chapter are many different opinions about Jesus. Which are you more like?
Verse 4-5His brothers did not believe in him.
Verse 12The crowds thought he was a good man.
Verse 20 Some thought he was a demon-possessed.
Verse 31, 41Many had faith in him as the Son of God
Verse 40Some thought he was a prophet.
Verse 47-49Some thought he was a liar.
Prayer Time: After on full week, this would be a good day to look back over your prayer list and see how many things have changed in your heart. Spend some special time in prayer today.

Day 8-Chapter 8 

Verses 1-11A Pharisee is someone who does what is right but not with the right heart. The women was guilty, but how do you feel about the way she was treated by the Pharisees? All of us have some Pharisee in us. What is that part of you?
Verse 31What does it mean to hold to Jesus’ teaching? How will this set you free?
Verse 34 What sin have you been a salve to?
Verse 44God will never forgive us. Do you ever feel like that? What are some other lies he has told you?
Prayer Time: As you think these passages today, let them touch you heart. Let this prayer time go deep and let God know how you are feeling about yourself and about Him.

Day 9-Chapter 9 

Verse 3 When you think the bad things that have happened to you, do you see them as punishments from God?
Verse 7 Jesus seemed very specific things in mind for you to do to be healed?
What might that be?
There were different reactions to the man’s healing. What reaction would be most like yours?
Verses 8-11 neighbors were in denial
Verses  20-23his parents wanted to ignore it
Verses 28-29religious leaders were critical
Prayer Time: Go back over your entire prayer list and reflect upon the changes that have already happened.  Hopefully your faith has been growing as God has been trying to convince you of his love for you. Today would be a great day to begin a thankfulness prayer. You could start another list of all the things you are grateful for.

Day 14- Chapter 14 

Verses 1+4 Again Jesus is talking about Heaven and how he wants us to be there with him. Do you
Believe that Jesus knows you personally and he has already prepared a spot for you in heaven?
Verse 6This passage establishes Jesus as the only way to God. All other religions are consideredfalse if you accept this one passage. How do you feel about that?
Verse 15, 21Jesus equates our love for him with our obedience to him. Based on that concept, how much do you love Jesus? Would you say that your life is a reflection of someone whohas been obedient to the scriptures?
Verse 27What is it that makes you feel troubled and afraid?
Prayer Time: Today, consider your life and how you see yourself in light of these passages. Obedience to such a high standard as the Bible is not easy. It will take many hours of prayer to have a heart that loves to follow Jesus. But what we need to pray for is trusting heart, that we know Jesus is there and that he desperately wants to show us the full measure of his love. Pray for a submissive spirit to him.

Day 15- Chapter 15 

Verse 1What does it mean that Jesus is the Vine? What are we then?
Verse 2 God is cutting off the dead branches in our life. What are the dead branches in your lifethat God is trying to cut off? How does it feel?
Verse 5 What does it mean to remain in Jesus? What kind of fruit is Jesus talking about here?
Verse 8 To be a disciple of Jesus, we need to imitate Jesus’ life and heart. Does that fruit of yourlife reflect that you are a disciple of Jesus? Many people call themselves Christians but the true Christians are disciples of Jesus and it is obvious in their life.
Verse 18 Either you are owned by the world or owned by God. Who owns your heart right now?
Prayer Time: By now you are probably feeling the effects of God cutting off the dead branches in your life. Today would be a great day to try to share your faith with someone you have never talked to about God. Let this prayer time motivate you to be bold in telling others what you believe and to come to greater conviction in your own life.

Day 17-Chapter17 

Verses 1-5 Jesus prays for himself that through him we will have eternal life.
Verses 6-19Jesus prays God will protect his disciples because he knows he must leave them
Verses 20-26Jesus Prays for us. What is his greatest concern about us?
Prayer Time: Jesus purpose on earth was to provide an example for us of godliness and to become the bridge between us (as sinners) and God (as holy). He is savior and he is Lord. Do you believe that you need a savior and that Jesus is able to save you? Is Jesus the Lord of every part of your life? Pray about your relationship with Jesus.

Day 18-Chapter 18 

Verses 1-11Even though Jesus had been falsely accused, he calmly responded to the accusations.
Peter got angry. When you are falsely accused about something or someone questions
your motives, how do you respond?
Verses 15-18Who was more disloyal to Jesus, Peter or Judas? Why?
Verses 20Jesus always shared his faith and was never embarrassed about who he was. Hisrelationship with God was not in secret. How about you? Is your growing faith and
Relationship with Jesus obvious to people around you?
Prayer Time: When Jesus was finally arrested, everyone he loved had deserted him. He was being falsely accused by the high priest. He did not have to go through with the suffering that was about to happens to him. If he just called out to God, he would have been spared but Jesus never got down off the cross. Today as you pray, think about the price that was paid for you to be with God for eternity. Hopefully, your heart has become more grateful as you have been adding to your list each day. But in these passages you will learn about someone who literally died for you. How do you feel about that?

Day 19-Chapter 19 

Verse 7What was the reason Jesus was put to death? Who made that choice?
There were several people at the foot of the cross. Study each one decided which one you are more like
Verse23soldiers who divided up his clothes
Verse 25Jesus motherVerse25Mary of Magdala-forgiven and grateful women
Verse 25John, Jesus’ disciple
Prayer Time: This is the saddest moment in history. An innocent man has just been brutally torture and murdered. Why did he have to die? Did he have a choice? How are you responsible for this? These are the questions we have to ask ourselves and ask God.

Day 20- Chapter 20 

Verse 10-13The disciples were filled with joy seeing Jesus. Is that how you feel?
Verse 24-25We all have a little of Thomas’ character in us. How do you see doubt in
yourself? Why do you doubt?
Prayer Time: Today, take time to pray about your doubts because doubt is what kills our faith. God is eager to make 0ur thoughts clear about him and his plan for our life. Be open with God and help him make sense of your confusion.

Day 21-Chapter 21 

Verses 15-17Jesus is trying to help Peter understand that in order to love Jesus we must take care of each other’s spiritual needs. That is the responsibility he left us. How many times would Jesus have to ask you that question before you could answer it with a pure heart?
Verse 19There was a great cost for Peter to follow Jesus from this point on. It would cost him hislife. What is the greatest cost for you to follow Jesus-to become his disciple for the restof your life? Is that what you want?
Prayer Time: Now that you have completed your study of the Gospel of John, you have made a long prayer list and gratefulness list, what is next? Today’s prayer needs to focus on where your need to go from here. Hopefully, you have decided to become a disciple of Jesus. Let God know how you feel and bring this study to a conclusion.

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