Meet the Shepherds

Michael and Maria Hart

Shepherds of the North Region of the London International Christian Church

Michael Hart was born in the Netherlands and moved to the Caribbean island of Curacao when he was 3 years old. He finished his last year of high school in the United States and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Finance at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1990, while at university, he became a disciple, an event that radically changed his life. He went into the full-time ministry when he left university and has been on mission teams to different Caribbean islands, such as the Bahamas and Curacao.

Maria Hart was born in the Dominican Republic in 1970 and became a disciple at the tender age of 16. She, too, went to the United States for her last year of high school and earned a Bachelor of Arts in French at the University of Miami. In 1994, after spending summers as an intern for the church, she moved to the Dominican Republic on a mission team and also entered the full-time ministry.

In 1995, these two people passionate for soul-winning and church-planting met and shortly afterwards, Maria moved to Curacao. In 1997 they were married and went on to plant and help with many churches in the Caribbean. They also had two lovely children, Dylan and Kyara. In 2002 they came out of the paid ministry but still led the Curacao church while working full-time, until they moved to London in 2012 to be with the sold-out disciples. Here, they have dedicated themselves to shepherding the church and its leaders in dynamic and life-changing ways and have also helped take care of the disciples in Amsterdam.

Ola and Denise Kukoyi

Shepherds of the East Region of the London International Christian Church

Ola & his wife, Denise Kukoyi currently serve as shepherds & head of governance for the London International Christian Church.

Ola Kukoyi holds a Bachelor degree in Administration and accounting. He is also part of the Central Leadership for the Church. Ola has a background and many years experience in treasury and accounting, working for one of the biggest privately owned companies in the UK and has served in this capacity for the church for at least seven years. His wealth of experience and life qualifies him to currently serve as a shepherd and head of governance, providing support to the leaders and assisting in strengthening the flock.

Denise is from the Dutch-Caribbean island of Curacao and speaks 4 languages. Denise holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration as well as a wealth of experience in many of her managerial roles in the Telecommunication and Customer service industry.

She has served in the ministry as a non-paid intern in Santiago Chile and Los Angeles and as the director of MERCY World Wide in Santiago, Chile for almost 2 years. Also her various roles in the church has allowed her to move from Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean) to Santiago, Chile to Los Angeles, USA as a missionary and is currently now in London serving beside her husband.

Ola and his wife Denise married in 2011 and have lovely twin boys: Donovan & Jonathan.

Jamie and Hilarie Gordine

Shepherds of the South Region of the London International Christian Church

Jamie and Hilarie Gordine serve as Shepherds in the South Region of the London Church and lead a Bible Talk in Southfields, south-west London. They are full time parents of three lively children: Abigail, Caleb and Isabella. They both work full time jobs, as well as oversee the Churchs’ international benevolent mission: MERCY WORLDWIDE, for the European World Sector. Always passionate about practicing hospitality and sharing their experiences from failing forward, the Gordines are motivated by God’s continual faith in them and His unfailing forgiveness. Jamie and Hilarie have experienced and persevered through trauma and tragedy, and stand today, with thanks, due to the strong discipleship and Godly vision that resides in the leadership of this church.

Hilarie, originally from Pennsylvania, was baptised in Hartford, Connecticut in 2002 and later moved to Chicago, before she came to London with Michael and Michele Williamson to plant the Church. Hilarie has a Masters in Music Education and is a full time teacher for a group of highly regarded private schools in London.

Born and raised on the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England, Jamie moved to London to study Fine Art and was baptised into Christ in 1990. Jamie has employed his creativity in a variety of career paths from gardener, to chef and restaurant manager, tree surgeon to events organiser. Jamies currently works in property maintenance, plumbing and electrical installation.

God moved dramatically over the years, shaping many aspects of their lives before they eventually met, when called to co-lead the Church’s worship team in 2015. They were married two years later!

Although Hilarie has an exquisite singing voice and has directed choral performances at the the Royal Albert Hall, and Jamie once worked as a valet for Theresa May, (before she was Prime Minister), chauffeur for Foreign and Home Secretary, Lord Hurd and a gardener at Buckingham Palace; they only got starstruck when amongst great leaders in God’s Kingdom!

Victor and Krista Komo

Shepherds-in-training of the West Region of the London International Christian Church

Sean and Sandra Corrigan

Kids kingdom

Sean and Sandra Corrigan were baptised as disciples in the ICOC in the 90s, and are now part of God’s SoldOut Discipling Movement formally known as the International Christian Churches (ICC). Sean is a Secondary School English Teacher and Sandra a Psychiatric Nurse.

Sean and Sandra stayed in the ICOC even after it had fallen away, and after 10 years of lukewarmness they were weak and spiritually dying. They joined the new movement because they wanted to return to God’s church.

Discipling, Godly leadership, and the love of the disciples has helped them stay faithful. Since returning to God’s church, they have seen close friends and family members returning or being restored, opportunities to support Mission Teams of disciples sent to key cities in Europe, personal repentance, growth and happiness, better jobs than they both ever had, and a great marriage, as well as excellent training in Bible study and counseling.