Tony McMachon – Apology letter

A humble apology letter to Michael and the whole kingdom of God,

I am very sincerely sorry for the heartache I caused you and the whole church family, I made lots of wrong decisions when I was part of the kingdom and after I left which I shall list below openly. I know I messed up and didn’t take good wise spiritual advise from many disciples including my very genuine discipler James and Michael the inspirational leader of the church. I’m sorry I blew it and got mad with the church and persecuted the church online, it was a very stupid and irrational even crazy time for me. I reaped what I sowed and caused hurt and was told to leave and rightly so according to the scriptures. In my right mind and following scriptures I would have kicked my self out too.

I know I hurt people and I am sorry for that, if there is anything anyone was upset about that I did or another brother who left the church did in my name I am zealous to correct those mistakes. If you feel there is something I have done wrong that I am unaware of let me know and I want to apologize sincerely for that, as I want to get restored with a clean slate. The fact is another brother who left the kingdom did impersonate me to attack the kingdom and others such as Blaise’s daughters as mentioned by Ron Harding at a previous GLC, it hurt me, it hurt others and it hurt the kingdom. Let’s pray that other brother who left might be inspired to come back to the kingdom also.

Here are some of my wrong decisions that I want to be totally transparent about. I tanked it and as I look back these things were wrong.

1)      I let a woman live with me though thankfully there was no physical immorality, in retrospect this was a terrible thing to do since it hinted at immortality and I took too long to deal with the issue

2)      I let my apartment be my god as priority over the kingdom, regarding leaving her there so I could be in London with the church.

3)      I got very bitter, I became a persecutor and wrote stuff online that I am ashamed of, I look back in regret at that crazy time.

4)      When I came back to visit the church it wasn’t about worshipping the Lord but for other reasons, to spy on the kingdom looking for things to be critical about and expose with persecution.

5)      After being told again to leave it made me angry again producing more persecution.

I am grateful today, this 29th of October 2016 for having a great talk for over an hour with Kip McKean who shared these verses below with me that have opened the door for me like in the parable of the lost son to make steps to come back to the fathers house. I am thankful to Kip for encouraging me to write this letter and discussing the content to be totally open and honest about, it’s the first time I have been in contact with anyone in the kingdom since I was told to leave and I really missed you guys. I hope this openness about my sins proves my desire to come back to the Lord’s kingdom. Since talking to Kip I’ve looked everywhere I can think of online  for things I wrote and have taken them down.

Your lost brother on the way back to the fathers house, Tony McMahon 29th October 2016

Proverbs 16v6a, Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for

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