The Teens


The Teen Ministry - The Elite

Led By Frank Simelane

I'm Frank Simelane and I have the privilege to be leading a group that's radical, talented and full of world-changers - the Teens Ministry! When I look back at my baptism, I was actually baptised as a teen, 19 years old, and now see the importance of a ministry full of teens. I intend to make the Teens a recognised ministry and for it to double by the end of the year! Some of my goals are to reach out to first year university students and college students by setting up Bible Talks and have teens become future leaders! By this, we will be able to grow rapidly and help as many young teenagers in London.



These are basketball sessions open only to Teens from 13 to 19-year-olds. The only rule is we have a short prayer before every session before we play, hence the name Pray and Play. We hold these sessions which are completely open to everyone and one can bring all of their friends along. They are currently free of charge, all we need is your heart and passion for basketball.
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