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Why does the London church study through the Book of Acts?

london church international day

The London International Christian Church celebrates its many nations at the International Day

The Book of Acts is a directive. It is a directive for the London International Christian Church and for every disciple worldwide. The letters that follow the Book of Acts in the New Testament are corrective measures by Paul and the other Apostles. The Book of Acts gives directions on how you become a disciple.

And the Book of Acts highlights how the Holy Spirit manifests himself. First, there is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was a promise, it was a prediction. People were not praying for it. You cannot pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says, it came without warning.

We are a Bible church. We don’t go by feelings and emotions. We go by the Word of God. The Book of Acts gives direction about many things, like how you build a church. Here, you find the church you ought to be imitating and the church which you should attend. In the letters that follow the Book of Acts, Paul and other writers correct the disciples (people who are already saved) on how to embrace change and live as Christians.

So, why do we study the Book of Acts?

Because here they evangelized the nations in their generation!

In the end, they had a United Kingdom. In fact, the UK is in the Bible. It is just called the Kingdom of God. And the Kingdom of God lives forever.

I’m reminded here of the story of a man who gets himself into trouble. He goes to the hospital. He is sick. The doctor says, “You need to change!” The doctor is going through his life and finds out that the wife of the man cooks for him pie and mash and other unhealthy things very often. The doctor says, “You need to tell your wife she needs to change what she is feeding you.”

Then they talk about his kids. The doctor says, “Your kids are driving you nuts. You need some to time just to relax.” Then they talk about what he reads. The doctor says, “What?! You read the Metro newspaper in London? No wonder you are having all these negative thoughts. You need to read the Bible. You need to change.”

The man is excited but he asks the doctor to call his wife. The man leaves the office hoping the doctor would talk to his wife. He comes home and his wife says, “Honey, I just talked to your doctor!!!” The man smiles and asks, “What did he say?” The wife replies, “You are going to die in the next thirty days.”
This is the end of that cryptic analogy.

Why does the story end like that? Because most people, like this man and his wife, don’t want to change. You either embrace change or you resist change or you avoid change. And as London International Christian Church we have to embrace change.

Michael Williamson

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