Good News 2015/2016

London Church Good News
from 2015 and Goals for 2016

God blessed 2015 powerfully! God gave us a total of 70 additions (52 baptisms, 8 placed memberships, and 10 restorations) and 13 new dating couples, while collecting an extra $68,000 (USA Dollars) for the Stockholm Mission Team! God also helped us support Russia for $6,000, Africa for $2,000, while raising up two new shepherding couples at the EMC and one radical Nigerian Evangelist slated for the Lagos Mission Team – Yomi Bello! Additionally, the Spirit moved in London to send a dear son in the faith Kolbe Gray to train in LA and prayerfully to bring back his girlfriend Rebecca Rico to London in August!

Also, we were privileged to help begin the Johannesburg Remnant Group! We sent nationals Jacques & Jeanette Groenewald accompanied with two single professionals – Kudzai and Clark! The four of them have been doing an incredible job establishing a strong base in this great city!

We ended 2015 with a wonderful wedding celebration of two beloved disciples, Jonathon & Ele Channer! Inspiringly, before they were baptized, they broke off their engagement in order to date purely seeking God will all of their hearts! Of special note, Jonathon’s twin brother, Jermaine studied the Bible first, and then baptized Jonathon, who in turn baptized his fiancée Ele!

2016 kicked-off with our Winter Workshop entitled, We Are Family…Till the End! At the workshop, the Holy Spirit blew in Menno, Yuklin and their beautiful daughter Sulin Zoutendijk from Amsterdam! The Zoutendijks were the last of the faithful remnant disciples to move from Amsterdam to London and their impact has been phenomenal! Encouragingly, this weekend there were many tears as Yuklin was able to baptize her sister Johanna who travelled here from Trinidad only a few weeks after the Zoutendijks landed! Amazingly, Johanna was one of the three international baptisms this past Sunday, and has three sons who live in Toronto, Canada! One of her impossible prayers is to move to Toronto to baptize her boys! We all know that “with God all things are possible!” (Matthew 19:26)

Words cannot express our gratefulness to LA for sending Anthony & Cassidy Olmos! “Instant Impact Anthony” and “Kind Cassidy” have literally changed the church! Please be praying for the remnant disciples from Birmingham and Manchester who are close to forming groups in these respective cities of England!

London has four faith goals this year! 1) For every member to not only recommit to a powerful walk with God but to become Bible Talk Leaders! 2) To start ICCM-London! 3) To raise up two Evangelists and one Women’s Ministry Leader! and 4) To double in size growing from 150-300! Thanks for your prayers as they are making a huge difference!

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