Jacques & Jeanette – Deacons of Church Governance

Jacques & Jeanette Groenewald – Deacons of Church Governance

londonchurchdeaconJacques Groenewald grew up in South Africa and studied Electronics Engineering at the beautiful University of Stellenbosch near Cape Town. In his final year after he was met by disciples, he studied the Bible and making Jesus Lord of his life, was baptized in 2003.

Jeanette, who is originally from Cape Town, at the age of 19 was greatly impacted by a colleague who was a disciple in the Cape Town church. Following his invitation to come to church, she visited and started studying the Bible. Jeanette became a disciple and was baptized in 2003!

After having dated his best friend, Jeanette, following their move to England, Jacques proposed and they were married in 2007. Shortly after, they started seeking revival in their faith and they found the International Christian Church in London! They returned to God wholeheartedly, stepped out in faith and joined a remnant group at that time numbering four disciples!

Jacques currently works as an Electronics Engineer in a multinational company and Jeanette as a practice administrator in one of the top specialist dental practices in London. Together they have a lovely 3 year old daughter, Lisa-Marie, and serves as the Deacon of Governance couple for the London International Christian Church. Jacques and Jeanette’s heart is to see London, England and the all of Europe evangelised in this generation! Being natives of Africa their heart is to serve God wherever He calls them, with a vision to become missionaries to their own people in Africa!

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