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Given contract obligations, there can be no refunds of the EMC registration

1. Greetings – Because of the volume of people flying into London for the conference, we would like to encourage everyone to fly into Heathrow Airport.  It is also the easiest airport to fly into as far as reaching the hotel.  If you fly into any of the other airports – Stansted, Luton, Gatwick or London City Airport, you will only have a 3% chance of being greeted.

Not every Disciple who is coming to the EMC will be officially greeted.
Speakers, church leaders and disciples traveling in groups (4 or more) will be given priority by the greeting party group.
Please send your itineraries to Jurij Zykov if you are one of the above.
Jurij Zykov – emctransport2016@gmail.com

2. Housing:  There is very limited availability (25%) of housing with disciples and it will go on a first-come, first serve basis.  Please contact Anthony Olmos (Anthony.olmos@usd21.org) to place your housing requests.

3. Hotel: The conference location, Holiday Inn Regents Park, offers many hotel rooms and we would like to encourage you to stay there.  We have a discounted rate at the Holiday Inn for the nights of October 26, 27, 28 and 29 at £150 for single occupancy (including VAT and Breakfast) and £160 for double occupancy).

a) To book the hotel rooms, please go to the website: www.hilondonregentsparkhotel.co.uk, choose your dates and check availability and then use the Group Code: LIC.

b) However, there are other hotels in the local area and a list has been compiled for your use.

4. Talent Showcase:  We are excited to produce our Talent Showcase this year.  If you are interested in participating, please send Paul Busari, our Talent Showcase Coordinator, your submissions via iPhone video.  His email is: , p.busari93@gmail.com

5. London transport – London is famous for its Underground system (also known as the Tube).  This is laid out in concentric circles, called zones, and people are charged different rates according to which zone(s) they pass through.  Great Portland Street, where the conference is, is in Zone 1, where many of the tourist sites are also located.

A one-week travel pass allowing unlimited travel for 7 days in zones 1-2 (and all London Transport busses) is £32 (approximately).

Travel passes can be purchased at Heathrow Airport’s Underground station and other train and underground stations throughout London.

If you wish, you can also just add money to an Oyster card (£5 purchase for the card which is refundable when you turn the card back in) and be charged per journey at reduced rates. Buses do not accept cash

It is usually more economical to get the travel pass if you plan to travel back and forth throughout London for more than 3 days.

The website for London transport also provides good information: www.tfl.gov.uk.

6. Conversion rate – while the conversion rate does shift from day to day and week to week, it should stay roughly the same as what is quoted below.

From US Dollars: $1 equals approximately £0.60.

From Euros: 1 Euro equals approximately £0.79.

7. Weather:  Weather in London in late October/early November is usually chilly and damp.  Please bring layers and warm clothing.  Also, London is a rainy place, so make sure to bring an umbrella!

8. Phone numbers: In case of emergency or difficulty, please find below a few phone numbers of people who can help you.

Anthony Olmos: +447946718135, Anthony.olmos@usd21.org

Jen Watkins: +447432659035, jen.watkins@usd21.org, medjenw@gmail.com

Jurij Zykov (Transport Manager): +447414883848, emctransport2016@gmail.com

James Gordine and Leighanne Turner (Singles fun events and dating coordinators): +4475575027771, james.gordine@gmail.com, +447939565077, leighanne_turner@yahoo.co.uk

Paul Busari (Talent Showcase):+447584655684, p.busari93@gmail.com

9. Travel faux-pas to avoid or know about:

Across London, everyone travelling on escalators is expected to stand on the right-hand side if they are simply standing.  This allows space on the left-hand side for those who wish to walk up or down the escalator.  There are signs about this but they are easy to miss.

Most museums are free so you do not have to pay.

Most stores except major grocery stores and shopping stores have a £5-10 minimum when using debit or credit cards.  England operates mostly on the “chip and pin device” system where there is a small chip embedded on the front of your credit or debit card.  However, most of the time stores can still take an international card so long as you are paying the minimum – just make sure to tell store clerks.

Bus 73 takes the same scenic tourist route through the city as the open-top touring busses do, just as a much, much lower rate.  However, the tourist busses do provide great commentary.





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